Welcome to Oswald’s Bear Ranch. Your hosts Dean and Jewel Oswald invite you to explore their world of the American Black Bear! This complex is the Largest (bear only) Bear Ranch in the entire United States! We are found only in the Wild Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Rescued cubs are brought here every year and they are always a joy to see! Area youth enter contests yearly to name these newborn creatures. People love to see them grow, play and become adult bears!

Located just 20 minutes south of Tahquamenon Falls, or from Newberry go 4 miles north on M-123 towards Tahquamenon Falls. Turn left at 4 Mile Corner (Deer Park Rd., Muskallonge Lake, H-37 H-407).Then it’s 4 1/2 more miles to see the home of Tyson Bear (died July 2, 2000) certified weight of 880 lbs.
The Largest Black Bear in the U.S. and possibly the World.
Also see 30 Live Roaming Bears!

Oswald’s Bear Ranch
Open the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend thru Sept. 30th
PHONE : 906 293-3147
Owners : Dean & Jewel Oswald
Admission: $15/per car or $10 for motorcycle or individuals

Visit Oswald’s Bear Ranch Website >>>

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Dawn — July 18, 2009

I visited the Oswald’s Bear Ranch today and that place was awesome!!!

NorthGuide — September 26, 2009

Love the Bear Ranch!

NorthGuide — September 26, 2009

Love the Bear Ranch!

Onebowtieman — April 14, 2011


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