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Green Bird Cellars & Organic Farms

The vineyard, the orchard, the farm animals, the wildlife, the forest, and our families are all one living organism that make up our farm. By treating the farm using sustainable, organic practices we are taking responsibility for the long term viability of the whole and we think this sense of character and pride comes through in our products.

A true way to taste

Our tasting room is located amongst a 67 acre organic farm on the Leelanau Peninsula. We are two miles south of the picturesque waterfront community of Northport. Come visit the tasting room to try our estate made wines, handcrafted hard ciders, and locally made microbrews. Get a glass of your favorite and stay to experience the serenity of the farm.

Organic Farming

We follow a holistic approach to carrying for and managing the land. Rather than using conventional methods, such as strictly foliar feeding and using synthetic chemicals, we opt to amend the soils with nutrient rich compost and fish fertilizer. Our foliar feeding and pest management is done using natural methods such as neem oil, seaweed, probiotic culture, fermented herbal teas, and kaolin clay. We believe by following these practices we have a more symbiotic relationship between us, the earth, and the fruit it provides. We are Michigan’s only certified organic vineyard, orchard, and winery. Green Bird Cellars and Organic Farms is annually inspected and certified by Indiana Certified Organic (ICO) LLC, which is licensed by the USDA.

Green Bird Cellars & Organic Farms
9825 Engles Road
Northport, MI 49670


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